Hygiene-sanitary maintenance of water for consumption.
Elimination of biofilm and residues of medicated treatments.

Biocide for the disinfection of water for consumption.

Acidifier for the treatment of animal drinking water. pH regulator.


Effective disinfectant of installations, equipment and vehicles on livestock farms.

Disinfectant spray.

Environmental surface disinfection.

High-level, wide spectrum disinfectant with fast action on farm equipment, vehicles and installations.

Effective disinfection in bee farms (hives, panels, tools and utensils).


Alkaline foaming detergent recommended for the cleaning of facilities and equipment in the food production and livestock industries.
Non-corrosive foaming detergent recommended for use in the food production industry. Easy-rinse product suitable for the cleaning and sanitizing of hatcheries, mobile equipment (boxes, trays, trolleys…), and for vehicle cleaning and disinfection centres. Neutral detergent.
Foaming alkaline detergent recommended for the cleaning of facilities, equipment and vehicles in livestock holdings.


Detergent for cleaning incubators.

Care and management of farrowing pens.


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